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Why professional learning maximizes your edtech investment

By Team Kinvolved

This blog post is part of our “Guide to Family Communications” series, based on the stories we collected while assembling our 2016–2017 Impact Report.

Educators enter the classroom with varied levels of comfort with technology. While many are software natives, those who feel less confident in their digital skills may experience hesitation or frustration when starting with a new system.

While a beginning-of-year kickoff professional development session can serve as a good crash course in the basics of a software tool, without ongoing support from a true partner it’s hard for teachers to find the time to explore any system’s full capabilities.

Educator perspectives on how Kinvolved helps

Kinvolved’s professional learning sessions expose teachers and leaders to KiNVO’s most powerful aspects, helping educators leverage the software to its fullest potential. “We want to make sure we’re using all the features—we don’t want to be using supercomputer as a word processor,” says Mr. D., the dean of a Bronx high school.

Brooklyn Community Schools director, Ms. S., attended a follow-up Kinvolved coaching session that invited teachers to “ask specific questions that led to purposeful feedback,” she said. As a result, utilization rates skyrocketed—teachers had learned new ways to use KiNVO to achieve the results they were looking for.

Kinvolved professional learning also helps build an attendance culture by underscoring the importance of taking attendance. “Before, teachers knew how to take attendance, but now they know impact it has on our students’ achievement,” Ms. S. reflected. Through coaching, her team could better express how accurate attendance data helps form more effective interventions for at-risk students.

Putting it into practice

  • Leaders: Schedule ongoing professional learning sessions with Kinvolved’s support team.
  • Teachers: Reach out to your school’s point person if you and your colleagues could use a refresher with our team.
  • All KiNVO users: Get in touch! Email with questions big or small and a team member will get back to you ASAP.


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