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The Importance of Quality Professional Development for Educators in EdTech

By Team Kinvolved

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? This is an important, but challenging skill set. However, many multilingual speakers agree that, once one learns a new language, others tend to be incrementally less challenging to acquire thereafter.

We are all learners with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences, this is something that we must take into consideration upon offering professional development to educators. In fact, the advances in technology are so significant that learning new technology might be like learning a foreign language. For those who already know one or more technologies, acquiring another new one can be simpler than for those who are new to technology learning.

As such, it has been established and broadly accepted that the one-size-fits-all professional development model is not the most efficient. As Roberts (2017) states, the sooner we unlock the full potential of the tools, the sooner we can unlock the full potential of the teachers to use them, and ultimately redefine the role education plays in student development.”

We believe that when introducing education technology into a school community, it is important to offer various ways of supporting teachers and administrators with how to use said technology. Further, as Quattrocchi (2014) reminds us, “tech-enhanced professional development is only as good as the model it supports.”

It is vital to offer a continuous and supportive professional development for educators, as technology alone does not create change. That's why we offer professional development both virtually and on site—we aim to ensure that our teachers and administrators feel comfortable and confident when using KiNVO in their daily practice. 

If you're interested in learning about our professional services to support your team, please contact us.

Technology is as effective as the way we use it. Thus, we continue to work hard in improving our practices and usability in support of our clients. We work collaboratively to reach their goals for our students and families.

KiNVO has proven to be effective in elevating attendance, and if used well, it can be transformative for our educators, students, and our nation’s future.  The best way forward is as a community, join the movement with Kinvolved.


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