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Kinvolved Blog

Helpful articles about attendance, family engagement, and district communications.

Working with Washington, DC to make every day count

This Spring we held a Community Summit in Washington, D.C., in partnership with Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Office of the...

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The Top 5 Attendance Strategies to Borrow from Community Schools

Community Schools are neighborhood beacons. They not only provide high quality academic programming for students, but also...

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Pix11 showcases how the Harriet Tubman Learning Center uses Kinvolved to take attendance more easily and increase family...

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PBS reports how Kinvolved helps reduce tardiness and absenteeism in underserved communities by using the KiNVO app to collect...

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Marketplace reports how Kinvolved collects data to help predict students’ behavior in the future and to flag at-risk students,...

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Download our Guide to Family Partnerships

For chronically absent students, the more qualified hands on deck—those with watchful eyes, listening ears, and open hearts—the better the chance they have to succeed. This e-book showcases the voices, and heartbeats, of our educators, who share how their strategies for building student and family relationships, having tough conversations, and celebrating bright spots. The teachers and leaders featured here face real challenges and save real lives every day, and the ability to see things from their perspective drives our work.