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Supporting Regents with KiNVO

By Team Kinvolved


High school students in New York State take Regents Exams to assess their mastery of New York State Learning Standards. To graduate from high school, students must pass exams in five subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Global History, and U.S. History and Government. Students may also earn an Advanced Regents diploma if they pass additional exams in Mathematics, Science and a foreign language. For the winter term this year, Regents take place between Tuesday, January 24, and Friday, January 27. Learn more about Regents Exams and New York City high school graduation requirements.  

How can you use KiNVO by Kinvolved to support your school during Regents week? Here are some guidelines for how you can engage with students and families before, during, and after Regents Week.

Prepping for Regents:

  • Use KiNVO to send out reminders about the upcoming Regents study sessions and test dates so that parents also emphasize to their children the importance of studying and getting a good night’s rest.
  • Filter messages by grade level to send grade-level specific messages.
  • Teachers and administrators can take advantage of our note recording feature to organize next steps and strategies.

During Regents Week:

  • Continue to send reminders about the dates and times of the exams.
  • Send positive messages! Encourage parents to keep up the good work.

Post Regents Week:

  • Show gratitude to parents! Send a school wide thank you message, congratulating all families and students on successfully getting through the testing period.
  • Send personalized messages to parents who were especially active in ensuring that their student does well on the exam.

We hope that KiNVO can ease the stress of Regents Week for teachers, administrators, parents, and students. How else are you encouraging positivity this testing period? Share your ideas by commenting below, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Know someone who needs KiNVO? Contact us for more information!
Good luck testing!

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