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Kinvolved Blog

Helpful articles about attendance, family engagement, and district communications.

Thank You

Dear K–12 Community,

Thank you.

Our community has been shaken from coast-to-coast over the past few weeks, and there is no doubt...

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Tags: Communications

COVID-19: Recommended Guidelines for School Districts

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the country, we're reminded about the importance of district...

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Tags: attendance, Communications

What is Chronic Absenteeism?

While we all know it is vital for students to be present in school, understanding the differences between attendance types—as...

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Tags: attendance

Kinvolved and North Brunswick Schools Host Attendance and Engagement Seminar

North Brunswick Township Public Schools and Kinvolved recently held a Seminar entitled "Addressing Chronic Absenteeism through...

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Tags: attendance, family engagement

Spotlight: Sioux Falls School District

In Fall 2017, Kinvolved launched a four-school partnership with Sioux Falls School District, a South Dakota school system serving...

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Tags: attendance

Kinvolved Talks Social Impact at Twilio Engage

We at Kinvolved were honored that co-founder and CEO Miriam Altman was invited to speak at the recent Twilio Engage conference in...

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Tags: attendance

Download our Guide to Family Partnerships

For chronically absent students, the more qualified hands on deck—those with watchful eyes, listening ears, and open hearts—the better the chance they have to succeed. This e-book showcases the voices, and heartbeats, of our educators, who share how their strategies for building student and family relationships, having tough conversations, and celebrating bright spots. The teachers and leaders featured here face real challenges and save real lives every day, and the ability to see things from their perspective drives our work.