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Breaking Down Language Barriers

By Team Kinvolved


As you have probably heard already, Kinvo by Kinvolved is hosting a series of webinars this November. Our first webinar on how to record attendance was a success and we were excited to see an even bigger turnout this past week. If you missed it, make sure to read our blog on positive parent communication and sign up for the next one TODAY, Monday, November 14 at 3pm (RSVP here), which will discuss how to break down language barriers with a few clicks.

Webinars are only 30 minutes long, because we know our users have busy schedules. If you have a conflict, read on for some easy guidelines to follow on this topic!

At Kinvolved, we remain committed to improving student attendance rates through real-time communication between schools and families. Last week we discussed how research confirms that attendance and parent engagement go hand in hand, but this isn’t possible if parents and teachers face language barriers. As the number of immigrant students nationwide increases, and school communities continue to welcome families from diverse backgrounds, we heard and felt that this translation feature was essential to better achieve this goal. We have had this feature on our radar since last year, and are so excited that it’s finally live!

Users can now set a parent language preference by navigating to a student’s profile page, and clicking on the “Manage Contacts” button. Next, select the parent contact’s language preference from the “Primary language other than English” dropdown. There are over fifty language options to make sure we helping you enable communication for everyone. Now, if you write a message in English and send to a parent contact, they will receive the message in their preferred language. When they reply in their native language, you’ll receive their response in English!

Coming soon: functionality to mass update parent language preference. Stay tuned!

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