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Back to School: Starting Positive

By Team Kinvolved

Back to School: Starting Positive

Starting off the school year right takes thought and intention from both schools and families, and it can make a world of difference for the next 10 months.

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As the summer winds down, teachers are anticipating meeting the new students with whom they’ll spend the year. They’re thinking about the best way to quickly gain the confidence and trust of students and parents who have different backgrounds and expectations for the year ahead.

It’s the role of the families to guide their children through this transition into the fall.  

As a parent of elementary school children, my biggest job right now is to get them excited for school. I’ll let them know I’ve heard their new teachers are superstars. I’ll pique their interest about the new experiences they will have and the new friends they will meet, and give them a window into some of the work they will do by showing them videos or dabbling in relevant projects over the summer.

Approaching this school-family relationship with a positive attitude goes a long way toward setting the right tone for the rest of the school year. Once a positive tone is set, it’s much easier for both sides to accept constructive feedback and make tweaks along the way.

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Alternatively, when the wrong tone is set, there’s a risk children won’t be excited to come to school, parents will struggle to get their children to listen to their teachers, and children won’t be the learning sponges we know they can be.

Starting off right takes thought and intention from both parties, and can make a world of difference for the next 10 months.

Zvia Schoenberg is the VP of Business Development for Kinvolved. Zvia has served in strategy, business, legal and operations roles within K12 education institutions including networks of schools; the NYC school district; and stand-alone schools. Zvia received her JD from the New York University School of Law, and her BA from Washington University in St. Louis. She is fluent in Spanish and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Email Zvia at:

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